The Seminar was held on Friday, 09 July 2010

Venue: Saint Andrew Georgian University

Address: 53a, Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi

List of participants

Seminar Programme

More than 150 participants from 67 organizations have attended the Seminar.

The seminar’s goal was to introduce a large number of responsible persons representing the principal target groups to European innovation policy issues, focussing on such important innovation policy issues and measures as Lisbon Programme, EU Framework Programme on Research and development and European Year of creativity and innovation 2009, as well as the role of country and regional policies. The European integration aspect of the EU innovation process was discussed at the seminar in many of its principal components. It was shown at the seminar that study of all aspects of the European innovation policy and its role in the European integration process is the effective way to develop the presently absent innovation policy for Georgia. Though all the reports were devoted to European policies, programmes and measures, the final Panel Discussion focussed on parallels and differences between Georgian and European situations. The need of research and innovation policy for Georgia was discussed. It was mentioned that the elaboration of the policies should be reflected in the ENP Action Plan for Georgia and be an important issue in the Eastern Partnership Programme.

 The ESIDG website ( devoted to innovation policies and processes has been presented at the Seminar. The book “Multilevel Innovation Policy and European Integration. Guidance Material”, the content of which coincides with the Seminar programme, has been handed out to the Seminar participants.

Among the participants of the seminar were 35 ESIDG member professors, representatives of 11 ministries and Governmental agencies, 3 international organizations/donors, representatives of 10 universities, representatives of 17 associations of industrialists and scientists, 4 representatives of groups engaged in European studies, 11 journalists and other interested persons. In total 67 organizations were reprezented.

The seminar participants have been familiarized with:

  • The principles and instruments of innovative development of EU and its role in the European integration;
  •  The existence of the first Guidance Material in Georgian language on these matters and  ways of accessing them;
  • The existence of the ESIDG website as a way-out tool to additional information resources on the subject;
  • The existence in Georgia of a large group of professors and researchers well acquainted with the Guidance Material