The Project was funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation

A cycle of 4 seminars was conducted on each of the above-mentioned subjects for the EaP National Platform participants – the personnel of civil society organizations and government agencies, through which (4 seminars) the representatives of the main target groups – civil society organizations and government agencies were familiarized with the European Union’s innovation policy. During the seminars, the following questions were highlighted: the reasons of the EU’s attention to the innovation policy, the policy development principles and implementation tools (such as Lisbon Strategy, the Innovation Union 2020, the research framework programme, structural funds, etc.). It was demonstrated that the learning of European experience was an effective step taken towards elaboration of the innovation strategy in Georgia. The seminar participants were familiarized with the differences in the innovation sphere between the EU and Georgia revealed in the course research. The participants clearly saw the challenges faced by Georgia in the direction of governance, economy, energy security and cooperation.

Reports were published as a book The EU Eastern Partnership Programme and Prospects of Innovative Development of Georgia and placed on website  www.inovdev.ge for general public. The book was handed out gratis among the seminar and presentation participants, sent to libraries, NGOs, the central and local government authorities.