ESIDG profile

ESIDG is an association (CSO) founded in January, 2009 uniting 60 professors and researchers from many universities, NGOs and research organizations interested in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) system reform. ESIDG declares the following goals:

  • Study of EU RDI policies and exploitation of findings in Georgia
  • Monitoring of RDI sphere and elaboration of recommendations (including on the perfection of EaP Programme)
  • Enhancing public awareness of RDI processes in Georgia
  • Elaboration of communication formats with academics, students, government, NGOs, SMEs, etc.
  • Sharing of experience with Georgian and EU researchers and organizations
  • Involving researchers from other disciplines to European and RDI studies
  • Support to integration of Georgia into European area in the RDI sphere.

ESIDG had implemented projects: “Promoting and Stimulating EaP Work in Georgia”; “Improvement of EU Innovation Policy Study in Georgia”; “EU Regional Innovation Policy as a Model for EaP Country Regions”; “Innovation Awareness Raising of EaP NGOs and Governmental Agencies”. It takes part currently in projects BLACK SEA HORIZON (EC Horizon2020 Programme); “EaP and Convergence with EU Policies”. It had initiated foundation of NGO coalition “Innovation Georgia” uniting 12 NGOs and is chairing the Coalition.

ESIDG has organized numerous local and international events with more than 1500 participants, published 5 books. Its researchers have published more than 30 research papers and made a large number of presentations at conferences, as well as took part in debates on radio and TV.

Many ESIDG members are members of the Parliamentary Innovation Council, while the Chairman of ESIDG is the Deputy Chairman of it.

ESIDG is the member of EU EaP CSO Forum (international). Its chairman had been elected the Coordinator of the Forum’s Working Group “Economic integration” and member of Forum’s Steering Committee. Another ESIDG researcher had been the Coordinator of the EaP CSO National Platform’s Working Group “Environment and energy”. Currently, the ESIDG is presented at EC EaP Panel on Research and Innovation.


ESIDG research experience and interests:

National research and innovation policy studies in Georgia and EU countries, using:

  • Comparative analyses of legislation
  • Organizational structure analyses of RDI systems
  • National research thematic analyses using data bases like Scopus, WoS and others
  • National RDI statistics
  • Scientific diaspora problems
  • Adult education in RDI sphere.

SME and agricultural cooperatives’ study:

  • Study of SME and agricultural cooperatives needs in research services
  • Revealing SME clusters and their dependence on RDI activities
  • Agricultural consulting efficiency.

Thematic covering:

  • Interdisciplinary issues
  • Food and agriculture
  • Environment protection
  • Electronics
  • Materials.

Geographic covering:

  • Georgia and EaP countries

Research output:

  • Recommendations to the government
  • Publications (printed and electronic).