Oleg Shatberashvili and Josef Gogodze, Editors. Association ESIDG, Tbilisi, 2010, p.310

Cited sources: 300+


The present book has been prepared with the support of the Jean Monnet Programme, which envisages furthering the study and dissemination of the European experience of conducting research for Georgia, who has declared the course for European integration; this opportunity is of special importance, because it allows a deeper understanding of the aspects of the European Union functioning which would facilitate the rapprochement of Georgia and the European Union.

The book aims at providing the interested reader with detailed information about the activities targeted at the working out and implementation of innovation policy at all-European, national and regional levels. In particular, the essence of the Lisbon Process and its management at different levels; the issues of industrial property and innovation; support to small innovative business; the essence and importance of European research programmes; financial mechanism in support of innovation processes; education in support of innovation development; monitoring and accounting of innovation processes; technology transfer mechanisms; innovation processes in agriculture. Each of these subjects is considered under a respective chapter of the book. In selecting the matters reflected in the book’s chapters, the authors took into consideration, first of all, their urgency for Georgia.

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