Prospect of Using Innovative Technologies and Renewable Energy in Agriculture, in CD-ROM “EU Regional Innovation Policy and EaP Programme”

Merab Baratashvili – Associated professor of Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University

Long-term observations evidence that a larger share of demand for agricultural products on the Georgian market is met at the expense of the products produced in the neighboring countries.
At that, the imported products occupy the Georgian market during a long period of the year and when prices on them are much higher as compared with the locally produced products.
Currently, Georgian products are produced in small peasant and individual farms. Under such conditions, the cost of the product is high, their volume and supply to the market are insignificant. For the purpose of better supplying the market with Georgian products, it is necessary y that the bulk of production be transferred to large farms, agricultural enterprises and coooperatives. In the farms of this type the innovative methods concerning general management, marketing, personnel management, effective use of finances, attraction of investments, accumulation of funds for production expansion could be used. Without this, the production of necessary volumes of competitive and quality agricultural products would be impossible. The article aims at highlighting the prospects of using innovative technologies and renewable energy sources in Georgian agriculture. The use of innovative and energy-saving technologies will make it possible to eventually substitute the imported agricultural products with the locally produced ones, also to produce in the future the export volumes demandable on foreign markets.


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