EU Regional Innovation Policy as a Model for the EaP Country Regions

Lifelong Learning Programme

Jean Monnet Programme


The Project was aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of regional innovation policies (RIP) as part of the European integration process among academics, professionals, students, local governments and CSOs in regions of Georgia, thus supporting Georgia’s participation in the EaP Programme and other European integration processes. The aim of the project was achieved through the study of EU RIP issues, as well as the status of RIP in Georgia and publishing outputs in a CD-ROM (registered as a book) in the Georgian language with English abstracts. Dissemination of the research output was ensured through the three workshops in regional universities with total participation of 400 representatives of the local RIP stakeholders. The CD-ROM EU Regional Innovation Policy and EaP Programme was handed out to the workshops’ participants and distributed to libraries and interested organizations. Research output is also disseminated through the ESIDG website. The project has been implemented by a multidisciplinary research team. The project results can be easily adopted to other Eastern Partnership countries’ needs.