Amiran Bregvadze – Engineering Aspects of Beach Formation and Coast Protection. In CD-ROM “EU Regional Innovation Policy and EaP Progr.”


The problem of protecting sea coast from the damaging action of sea waves has become more urgent. It should be noted that study of the processing ongoing within the sea coastal area only based on experimental research fails to yield the desirable outcome, because such researches are, as a rule, of an episodic character and the giving on their basis of an accurate account of the object under study is practically impossible. Therefore, the principal instrument of handling the problem should become the application of a hydrodynamical numerical model of sea established on the basis of mathematical modeling. Lately, the engineering thinking has become more natureoriented, because of which we consider novel technologies as an effective means of environmental protection. Such is the ACETube industrial fabrics technology, which is being widely apllied in the handiling of the problem of restoration and consolifation of the coastal area. The present article demonstrates that on the basis of mathematical modeling of sea coastal processes it is possible to apply the science-based ACETube technology for restoring and consolidating the sea coastal area. By the example of an experiment carried out in Grigoleti, it is shown that the setting out and implementing of engineering activities on the basis of the ACETube technology is very effective for the coastal area restoration.


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