Innovative Approaches to the Establishment and Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Adjara

in CD-ROM “EU Regional Innovation Policy and EaP Programme”

Aslan Devadze

senior researcher of the Institute of Agrarian and Membrane Technologies of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

The Adjarian Autonomous Republic avails varied resources for developing a diversified agrarian sector. Purposeful steps are being taken for rehabilitation and development of agricuclture. The adoption of the Law on Cooperatives has finally established a course for setting up cooperative societies, which is of utmost importance for making and functioning of such associations. As the world practice shows, this way is sound and irreversible. The state target program on the establishment of agricultural cooperatives in Adjara was initiated in 2013, prior to the adoption of the Law of Cooperatives. Based on analysis of voluminous materials concerning the available world experience and the outcomes of the earlier research conducted by Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University of Agrarian and Membrane Technologies the institutional-structural, methodological bases and options of a model charter of an agricultural cooperative have been developed. A stage-by-stage progress schedule has been determined. This program project served as a basis for a state target program implementation, which has been announced by the Adjarian Ministry of Agriculture. Five agricultural cooperatives have been established as advertizing models within the framework of the program. The results of the implemented work have demonstrated that the population is in expectation of an effective and stable course to be carried out in the agrarian sector on the part of the State. The article considers the problems revealed in the course of establishment of agricultural cooperatives and the main ways of handling them. In particular, two principal groups of such problems were identified: adequate informing of the population about the available world knowledge and experience on cooperatives and about the State strategy in the sphere of cooperatives establishment. The further development of cooperatives should be based on innovative approaches carried out in the direction of agricultural and processing technologies, training of personnel, marketing and management.


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